Hello, I’m Bianca, mother of 2 and living proof that the statement “motherhood is no joke” is all too true. After fumbling my way through baby number 1 and just surviving the journey, I had baby number 2 (as you do!). I thought that by baby number 2 I would feel more at ease with breastfeeding and the whole motherhood thing. But it turns out there are only more challenges to face and the stresses that come with baby number 1 are still present. I was one tired, stressed and unhappy mama which filtered through to my family.

It was then I decided to create a place where new and experienced Mamas alike could come to find products to help them be more in control. Products that actually reduced stress levels not increased them. That is where my 3rd baby (figuratively speaking), Zoe Sage, was born.

Zoe Sage is a place to empower mamas with incredible products. A place to ease the transition to motherhood and breastfeeding because, let’s be honest, motherhood is no joke!