Breastfeeding Bracelet: Why Its a Worthwhile Choice for Mums

With a growing number of new mums swearing by a breastfeeding bracelet to help them combat baby brain, why is this simple tool helping to make nursing easier?

Like it or not, babies have a well-earned reputation for being sensitive little creatures. Considering that most aspects of their environment are controlled until they get older, parents are in charge of regulating everything from their exposure to noise, their body temperature and their feeding schedule - but what about looking after the new mum?

Let the baby fed without any hurdle

The fourth trimester, or the first twelve weeks of having a baby at home with you, can be incredibly hard. While baby and mum both adjust to their new lives together, learning how to change, care for and feed a baby is often cited as a big challenge and a complete joy.

Many new mums have noted breastfeeding as one of the biggest curveballs to navigate, particularly when it comes to remembering the best practices while juggling a newborn. In fact, it’s for this reason that a growing number of parents are using a breastfeeding bracelet to help them during the process. This can help to continue any and all activities even while breastfeeding.


For mums that are able to do so, breastfeeding has been proven to offer a wide range of health benefits to both the mother and the baby. Breastfed babies have been proven to have improved visual acuity, enhanced motor and cognitive development and are better protected against a range of serious health conditions such as gastroenteritis, respiratory illnesses, allergies and sudden unexpected death in infancy.

Despite the potential benefits, society places enormous pressure on new mothers when it comes to breastfeeding without issue. From sterilising bottles, staying hydrated, waking through the night and even watching what you eat, new mothers have a lot to juggle when it comes to following the do’s and don’ts of breastfeeding, such as remembering to change breasts during feeding times. Yes, there is a lot that goes into keeping a baby fed. It does not have to be hard, though; there are ways in which you can conveniently identify which breast goes next.

Switching breasts while breastfeeding at the appropriate time will ensure your baby is getting both the foremilk, which is the first, watery, thinner milk that comes out, in addition to the hind milk at the end, which is thicker, more caloric and has a higher fat content. Sounds simple enough, right?

Well, when coupled with a lack of sleep, it's easy to see why ‘baby brain’ is considered to be a very real thing. The term refers to memory problems, poor concentration and absent-mindedness reported by many women during pregnancy and early motherhood and can make things like remembering to change breasts during feeds significantly more difficult to do. Once you get the baby fed, it is much easier to turn a bracelet inside out and conveniently identify which breast to use next time.

This is where the magic of using a breastfeeding bracelet comes in. Breastfeeding reminder bracelets are such a simple concept but one that many mums are embracing in droves. In simple terms, a nursing bracelet is an item that is mounted on double strength cord so they are fully baby proof, yet are easy to take on and off as and when you need to. With the baby fed, mother may prefer to turn the bracelet inside out or right side up.

The idea is to simply switch the device to the arm that you wear it on, depending on which side you’re feeding from. At the end of the feeding session, pop your breastfeeding bracelet onto the other wrist and when the baby is ready for another feed, there’s no doubt on which side to feed from. When you want the baby fed again, you can conveniently identify which breast is best.

While there’s plenty of breastfeeding reminder bracelets to choose from in today’s marketplace, try to source one that is soft and smooth, and made from material that won’t break if little hands happen to get curious. Although it may be tempting to pick a nursing bracelet with lots of embellishments or bright colours, keep in mind that its primary job is to take the pressure off your brain. At the end of the day, we want a baby fed well and a simple process like turning a bracelet inside out to conveniently identify which breast to use next.

For new mums looking to minimise the number of baby accessories that they need to cart around with them, NursElet is a breastfeeding clip that holds up a mother's shirt while nursing. When nursing itself is done, it can become a breastfeeding bracelet with a subtle, yet comfortable and effective design that has you covered for next time. On the hunt for more multifunctional devices as a new mum? You’ve come to the right place.

Why Shop Milk Bands Breastfeeding at Zoe Sage?

Are you ready to stop relying on a nursing journal and be worry-free for the full day period? Then, it is time to record multiple feeding sessions in the most efficient way; by simply flipping our milk band inside out! This will help us conveniently identify which breast will star in the next feed!

While safety pins can be a useful item, we need to stop relying on them so much. They serve many different purposes already; when a breastfeeding bracelet inside out works more efficiently, why not go for it? They conveniently identify which breast to offer at the start of each session while serving many different purposes for more convenience. 

Furthermore, our uniquely designed nursing bracelet helps keep the baby fed in the best manner. All we have to do is flip the bracelet inside out and back again according to the baby fed sessions. Say goodbye to safety pins and conveniently identify which breast to offer each time!

Still wondering how to use our uniquely designed nursing bracelet inside out? Get in touch and discuss how a breastfeeding bracelet works today! 

Why Get a Breastfeeding Bracelet? 

Keeping a baby fed is tough, no matter how you choose to do it. Little ones may record multiple feeding sessions during a full day period. Of course, your routine and all activities stop for a breastfeeding session. With the baby fed, you can turn the bracelet inside out or right side up. 

When you are deciding what baby products will help out the most, do not forget your nursing journal and breastfeeding bracelet inside out! While a nursing journal makes for a precious and useful memory, a breastfeeding bracelet works to conveniently identify which breast you last used to feed your baby. It is one of those small, inexpensive baby products that can serve many different purposes over a full day period.

What is a nursing journal?

A nursing journal is great for penning down your breastfeeding journey. Inside, you can record any and all activities during a full day period with your nursing baby. With the baby fed, a nursing journal can also be used to record multiple feeding sessions or just be a place to vent out your feelings. While this may not be included in baby products, it can still be valuable as a time tracking device and productive hobby. Overall, the journal can serve many different purposes, including helping to keep your baby fed. 

What is a breastfeeding bracelet?

Also sometimes called a milk band, a breastfeeding bracelet works to record multiple feeding sessions through various ways. Some designs, like the one we have at Zoe Sage, will allow you to flip the milk band inside out. With the baby fed in one breastfeeding session, you can flip the bracelet inside out to signify which side was in use. This will help you conveniently identify which breast to feed the baby with next. 

Sometimes, a breastfeeding bracelet works as a time tracking device too. After a breastfeeding session, a mother can remember the side by simply flipping the milk band inside out or from one wrist to the other. This can really help anyone who has trouble remembering which side they used in the last breastfeeding session. With the unique features of a milk band, you can stop relying on a manual nursing journal or expensive baby products like a digital time tracking device. You can keep your focus on keeping the baby fed. 

How Zoe Sage’s Breastfeeding Bracelet Works

Before they knew how breastfeeding bracelets work, many women might have used safety pins or some other form of milk band. After completing a breastfeeding session on one side, they would transfer the safety pins to their other side. This method with safety pins might conveniently identify which breast to offer in the next breastfeeding session. However, safety pins are a risky thing to use around babies. 

A breastfeeding bracelet works in the safest manner for both mothers and babies. You can conveniently identify which breast to offer without having to use safety pins or shunning any and all activities for the whole session. 

Introducing the milk band called NursElet

Commonly called the NursElet, this is a uniquely designed nursing bracelet that can help you record multiple feeding sessions. You can now stop relying on safety pins or any other kind of time tracking device. You can make each breastfeeding session efficient by simply flipping our milk band bracelet inside out. Keeping your baby fed with our milk bands breastfeeding is best for them and best for you – it is certainly a lot better to have your baby fed without safety pins near! 

What Are the Unique Features of Zoe Sage Milk Bands Breastfeeding?

With the use of our uniquely designed nursing bracelet inside out, you can stop relying on inefficient methods like a manual time tracking device or safety pins. It’s also important to stop relying on a nursing journal, as this will not always be available. Plus, stopping any and all activities to write in a nursing journal is just not efficient or convenient. It is much easier to flip a bracelet inside out and conveniently identify which breast to give next. 

With milk bands breastfeeding, Zoe Sage provides many different purposes for the full day period. Here are a few unique features to consider when getting our milk bands breastfeeding:

Record single feeding sessions along with many different purposes

This uniquely designed nursing bracelet inside out serves many different purposes. Besides recording single feeding sessions in a journal, you'll be simply flipping the milk band inside out. But these baby products can also take the place of potential dangerous safety pins. 

Use the milk bands breastfeeding to conveniently identify which breast to use in the next session. Once the session starts, use the same milk bands breastfeeding as a clip to hold your shirt back. This way, you can stop relying on safety pins for this purpose. Its multipurpose use is one of the milk band’s most unique features. So, you can keep your baby fed and stop relying on inefficient measures. 

Easy to use

Our breastfeeding bracelet works by simply flipping the milk band inside out. It’s not hard to flip a bracelet inside out, especially the uniquely designed nursing bracelet by Zoe Sage. With their unique features, our milk bands breastfeeding should be among the top priority baby products to order. 

Added Convenience

With a proper milk bands breastfeeding option, you can carry on with eating, reading, and all activities without worrying about adjusting clothes for the baby. The uniquely designed nursing bracelet will help to keep clothes out of the way and can snap right back on your wrist afterwards. Of course, the most important part is keeping the baby fed when you can conveniently identify which breast to offer next. 

A safe option

Safety pins can come undone, make tears in clothing, and directly hurt the baby or you. When you simply turn a bracelet inside out, you can conveniently identify which breast to start with. It’s also possible to resume any and all activities while keeping your baby fed this way. 


Zoe Sage came from a genuine desire to ease into the transition to motherhood and breastfeeding because - let’s be honest - motherhood is no joke. Owned and operated by a young mother of two, Zoe Sage is all about offering incredible products that actually reduce stress levels instead of increasing them. With these products, it should be easier to get your baby fed and fulfil their other needs as well.

From baby sleeping bags, silicone feeding sets and our signature Five In One Multi Use Mama Cover, we’ve got the essentials of motherhood covered alongside free shipping over $100, a thirty day returns policy, and of course, flexible payment options like ZipPay and Afterpay.

If you’re on the hunt for baby products that actually benefit you and your family, follow us on Instagram to stay updated on new arrivals, or get in touch with us today if you have a query about one of our items available at Zoe Sage.

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