The 5 in1 Mama Cover is a breastfeeding cover, nursing cover, trolley cover, pram cover, capsule cover, highchair cover, infinity scarf and all round mama lifesaver in one.

I know what you are saying… “Wow, that’s a lot of uses for one item, are you sure it does all that?”

Yep! The beauty of the 5in1 Mama Cover is just that, you have 5 uses (at least) in 1 convenient product that takes up literally inches in your baby bag. I don’t know about you, but my baby bag was absolutely jammed with 101 “must have” items that there was barely room for my keys. I can tell you removing 5 of those items and replacing with 1 was a dream come true and saved on physio bills!

The Zoe Sage 5 in 1 Mama Covers are beautifully made to make every Mama feel confident. The nursing cover is not only for breastfeeding mamas on the go, but for Dads that need convenience while taking baby out and about. The cover will help to protect your baby while in their pram or capsule while they sleep and can then be used to cover the trolley when popping into the shops. I know, there is just something about shopping trolleys that makes my skin crawl!

The gorgeous and fashionable design means the Mama Cover doesn’t look like a breastfeeding cover (like a lot do!). Being an infinity scarf, it’s perfect for the working, pumping Mama who’s working life doesn’t stop after having a baby. Expressing at work has never been easier with the  discreet sanction you will find under a Zoe Sage Mama Cover.

Our cover comes in two options to suit any mama. We have the original which is made from a rayon spandex blend and our organic cover which is made from organic GOTS certified cotton and spandex.

Regardless of which one you choose, you can guarantee the cover is soft, safe and sure to be the most practical baby item you will ever own! Breastfeeding should be a relaxed and calming time to bond with your baby, not a time to feel self conscious or overwhelmed. That is why we want every modern breastfeeding Mama in Australia and New Zealand to be a part of the Mama Cover revolution.

View our Zoe Sage 5 in 1 Mama Cover range below. Conveniently at your fingertips, breastfeeding covers available online with delivery Australia wide and New Zealand wide.