Why Silicone Bibs Are A Game Changer

Why Silicone Bibs Are A Game Changer

We understand very well that mealtime with our little ones can on occasion quickly turn from a cute little meal into an almost unfathomable mess, this is why we have started seeing silicon bibs as the game changer that they are.

The Reasons Why We Think Silicone Bibs Are A Game Changer

We think that the safe and useful silicon bibs are now a must-have for any mealtime with your little ones. Not only are the bibs safe for your child and great at preventing a huge mess, but they are also super cute and fun for a child to use. We would like to tell you about all of these benefits in even more depth.

BPA Free

Bisphenol A (BPA) is a chemical that is found in many different plastics. Studies on the relationship between BPA and animals have shown harmful effects. There are still studies being done on the human connection and the health community is avoiding this chemical as a safety measure.


Lead is an incredibly harmful chemical to the human body. It can negatively impact blood cell production as well as our body’s ability to absorb calcium. This means it can impact your muscles, bones, blood vessels, and nerves.

PVC Free

Polyvinyl Chloride (PVC) is a commonly used construction material but is highly toxic in the event of human consumption. This is why you must use a bib that does not contain this toxic material.

Silicon Is Naturally Resistant To Bacteria

The material silicon has a strong natural resistance to bacteria. This means that when your child is eating while wearing a silicon bib, they are less likely to be exposed to bacteria from food.


The Bibs Are Lightweight

Another benefit to silicon bibs is that they are lightweight. This means they will be comfortable for your child to wear when they are old enough. They are also easy to carry around and store.

They Do Not Stain Easily

Unlike more traditional styles of bibs, a silicon bib is much harder to stain. This is great since you will not need to worry about the look of the bib being ruined at every mealtime.

They Are Very Easy To Clean

The material property of the silicon means that the bibs are extremely easy to clean. This is great because you will save so much time on your daily washing up/laundry.

The Bibs Are Durable

These bibs are also very durable, so once you buy them they should last you a very long time, making them a great investment.

The Catchers At The Bottom Prevent Messes

The large catchment area at the bottom of the bib means that the bib will catch some of the food your child spills before it has the chance to make a mess of the highchair or floor. This may become handy for your baby’s drool if they are teething during mealtime.


Silicon bibs are a great investment for any parent looking for a safe and efficient alternative to traditional bibs.

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