Nappy Change Clutch

You will always have a clean surface to change your babe on with this gorgeous clutch. It folds out to an extra long change mat with the perfect size pocket at the base ensuring everything you need is on hand for a fuss free nappy change.

It’s perfect for throwing under the pram, in your car or for keeping in your nappy bag. And it’s so stylish, no one will know you’re off to change a nappy with this tucked under your arm! You can totally set this up and fold it away one handed whilst carrying your babe in the other arm too!

  • LittleMilko


    $49.00 inc. GST

    or 4 payments of $12.25 with Afterpay

  • LittleMilko Clutch


    $49.00 inc. GST

    or 4 payments of $12.25 with Afterpay

  • Zebra crossing clutch for insta


    $49.00 inc. GST

    or 4 payments of $12.25 with Afterpay

Busy parents need more tools at their disposal than the handiest handyman. Luckily, you don’t need to sacrifice convenience or style to get practical, stress-relieving parenting goods.

Perfect for busy mamas on the go, our nappy change clutches combine style and durability with a fuss-free design.

When it’s folded up, the nappy change clutch looks just like any other gorgeous clutch. You can throw it in the car, store it in your nappy bag, or even hold it in the palm of your hand.

When it’s unfolded and set up, this fashion item transforms into a nappy clutch and change mat. It provides a convenient, clean surface to change your child, and once you’re done, you can easily fold it up and be on your way!

Get Your Stylish Nappy Clutch and Change Mat!

Our Little Milko nappy clutches and change mats are available in a range of styles. From the calming hues of Green Envy to the stylish stripes of the Zebra Crossing design, there’s something for everyone.

Zoe Sage was founded by mothers for mothers, and we know that you always have your hands full! We partnered with Little Milko so you could have a nappy clutch and change mat that you can easily set up and fold away with just one free hand.

To get started, explore our range and shop online, or ask the Zoe Sage team for advice.


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